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Preparing the next generation of global citizens

Experio Group consists of 4 very different companies offering a complementary range of educational, cultural and career-enhancing products and services from its two UK offices in London and Bristol and its Europe branch office in Berlin. Experio Group is a founding member of Bristol Education Group (BEG).

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Experio Life

Experio Life is based in London and Berlin and offers young learners, teenagers and students a range of year-round and summer educational experiences from English language summer schools at top UK boarding schools, to full UK state school integration programmes throughout the academic year and a choice of internships and Study & Work programmes for university students.

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Experio Tours

Experio Tours is based in London and Bristol and offers a fantastic selection of both UK and European short- (1-3 days) and mid-term (4-10 days) tours for groups of schoolchildren, summer school groups, university students, parents and business people.

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Bristol International College (BIC)

Bristol International College (BIC) is a new independent college for UK and international students aged 14-18 looking for the best preparation for sixth form and university. BIC is located near the university district in Bristol, one of the top city destinations for students and visitors to the UK.

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NovaCapita is a social enterprise set up in London in 2011 with the aim of supporting enterprise and innovation amongst students and graduates helping to produce new global businesses.

Admin Office, The Enterprise Hub
109-117 Middlesex Street
London E1 7JF | UK

T. +44 (0) 20 3553 5700